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The Computer Networking Research Lab in the Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering at the University of Minnesota is led by Professor Zhi-Li Zhang. We conduct research on a broad range of topics related to computer and communication networks, helping transform the current best-effort Internet to a more reliable, available, and secure information infrastructure for all kinds of communication activities. Our research spans across areas such as Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), Routing, Network Resource Management, Network Architecture Design, ISP Traffic Analysis, Wireless Network Modeling, Network Robustness, Network Economics and more. In carrying out our research, we blend formal modeling/analysis, experimentation/implementation, and testing/evaluation. Please follow the link Projects to browse the on-going projects in the lab.

From Professor Zhang:

I am always looking for self-motivated, creative and hard-working graduate and undergraduate students (and also post-docs, when funding is available) to work with us on a number of research projects. If you are interested, please email me with the Subject line: "Interested in Ph.D (or MS, or undergraduate, or Post-Doc) Research Opportunities", together with a short description of your background and research interests/experiences and a CV.

Lab Roster

Lab Staff


  • Tim Salo
  • Feng Tian
  • Xinyue Hu
  • Jason Carpenter
  • Rostand Armel Fezeu
  • Ziyan Wu
  • Wei Ye
  • Dehkontee Chea Cuppah
  • Steven Sleder
  • Qixin Zhang
  • Gaurav Gautam
  • Faaiq Bilal
  • Jiaxiang Tang
  • Lilian Coelho de Freitas